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FORBIO / Biology Generating Life

Forbio develops, produces and sells biological products to be used in agriculture, including inoculants for leguminous plants.

Our goal is to walk along with you.

Our mission is to be present in all stages of development of agricultural crops in the field, to offer the latest technology so that the maximum productive potential of the crop is reached and thus, to meet the expectations of all involved in the production process.

We are engaged in collective and daily work in the field, where we work with a technical and commercial team distributed and organized in various regional offices throughout Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and the United States. They are managers, representatives, agronomists, technicians and distributors with a single objective, to provide you, the rural producer, with the necessary technical advice so that the projects implemented bring the expected results..

In this way, we build a prosperous and lasting relationship with our partners. A relationship generated based on a lot of confidence in the work of our team and the quality of our products and services. And everything to generate more and more along with you.


Transform our clients lives with innovative projects and services.


To be recognized as a reference in technological innovation.


Customer-focused quality; Credibility in relationships; Appreciation and respect for life; Research and innovation; Respect for the environment; Gratitude to God.

We want to see you satisfied.

Our greatest commitment is the satisfaction of all those involved in the agricultural production process, as well as the search for the highest quality of our projects, products and services to achieve, with our partners, the maximum productive potential.

Technological Pillars

Our technologies are developed with much investment in research and innovation, aiming at obtaining the maximum productive potential of the plant through customized solutions for each property and need, thought of exclusively.

Ícone Agro


Inoculants, biological pest control organisms and seed additives.

Ícone Salud


Manufacture of biological products for medicinal purposes.

Ícone Ambiental


Manufacture of biological products for ecological and environmental purposes.

Ícone Banco de Cepas

Bacterial Strains Bank

Preservation and marketing of bacterial strains.



We express here our sincere thanks, first to God, for his presence in our lives and for giving us inspiration, gift and determination to carry out our work. We also thank the suppliers, allies, customers and professionals who contributed directly or indirectly to the realization of this dream.


We want to be together with you.. Our team is present in diverse countries and regions to offer the best we have: more than 30 years of knowledge based on large investments in research, technology and hard work.


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